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Mission: Guided by Orthodox Jewish ethics, our primary mission is to assist the needy in raising funds within the Jewish community, support IDF soldiers and their families, rescue those facing dire circumstances, support the elderly in Israel through our partnership with אי.ג'י.אי - סידור בית אבות, and foster connections through our comprehensive Anglo Shidduch resource service. In collaboration with Kollel Menachem Tziyon, we strive to expand our chesed projects and ensure spiritual and ethical high standards. We validate and certify charitable fundraising, ensuring tax-deductible contributions that directly benefit those in need.


How We Achieve This:

Through dedicated volunteers, premium services, and collaborative efforts, we support various causes:

  • Support IDF Soldiers & Families: Bringing specific gear requests to the soldiers and supporting their families back at home.
  • Operation Lifeline: Rescuing Pashtun families from the Taliban threat in Afghanistan.
  • Support for the Elderly in Israel: Working with אי.ג'י.אי, we assist the elderly in finding suitable retirement homes, providing personalized consultation, guidance, financial assistance, and ongoing support throughout the transition process.
  • Anglo Shidduch Resource Service: Providing a dynamic and comprehensive list of dating resources, continually updated to ensure accessibility and relevance.
  • Partnership with Kollel Menachem Tziyon: Supporting Talmudic scholars and transforming lives through monthly donations, increasing the number of scholars dedicated to Torah study, expanding the scope of Torah learning, and continuing important initiatives like the weekly distribution of challahs, wine, fish, chicken, and meat to hundreds of families.
  • Medical Support: Assisting with medical expenses and treatments.
  • Life-Cycle Celebrations: Contributing to joyous life events.
  • Job Loss Assistance: Providing support for those facing unemployment.
  • Educational Investment: Investing in education and communal institutions.
  • Emergency Relief: Offering immediate aid in times of crisis.



Job Loss

Jewish Education

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Emergency Relief

Our Commitment

As Jews, we recognize our responsibility to care for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us. By focusing on assisting the needy in fundraising, rescuing those in danger, supporting IDF soldiers, supporting the elderly in Israel, fostering connections within the Jewish community, and partnering with Kollel Menachem Tziyon, we strive to create a stronger, more compassionate, and resilient community.


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We are a PLATINUM Rated Charity

Ensuring ethical, tax-deductible giving

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Your contribution can provide a lifeline to those in need, every dollar makes a difference. We pride ourselves on excellence in transparency, governance, finance, and policies, ensuring that your support reaches those who need it most. As a platinum-rated charity by Candid, GuideStar, and the Foundation Center, our commitment to integrity and effectiveness is recognized and validated. Stand with us, share our campaign, and let their stories be heard. Together, we can bring them from danger to safety, all while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and fiscal responsibility.

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Meet Our Team Members

Leadership Team

Simcha-Chaya Ben Avraham is a dedicated and compassionate individual with a strong sense of community. She is highly involved in charitable work, regularly volunteering her time and resources to help those in need. With a deep belief in the importance of giving back, Simcha-Chaya is always seeking new opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around her. In addition to her charitable endeavors, she is a mother, an artist, seamstress and creative writer. She is the founder of
Naaman Griffin is a devout and highly qualified individual with a strong track record of leadership and community service. He is known for his sweet and compassionate personality, as well as his strong work ethic and dedication to his family. As a devoted husband and father, Naaman is highly respected for his strong family values and his commitment to his loved ones. In addition to his role as a family man, Naaman is also a highly respected community leader with a proven track record of making a positive impact in his community. He is a trusted and reliable individual, and his kind and trustworthy nature makes him well-liked and respected by all who know him.
Chana is a dynamic and compassionate individual with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. She is a devout Orthodox Jew and known for her kind and caring nature, as well as her dedication to helping others. As a devoted mother and community leader, Chana is highly respected for her strong family values and her commitment to improving the lives of those around her. In addition to her role as a family woman and community leader, Chana is also a highly skilled and accomplished professional. She has a strong track record of success in her field, and her expertise and experience make her a valuable asset to any team or organization. Chana’s passion for helping others, combined with her professional skills and experience, make her uniquely qualified to make a difference in her community and beyond.

Keith Davies is a Jewish Irish-born American humanitarian and public speaker who has dedicated his career to supporting and helping oppressed people around the world. He has an impressive track record of success in this field, having been involved in numerous campaigns and initiatives to aid marginalized and persecuted individuals. Keith is also the former Executive Director of the Forum for Middle Eastern Understanding (FFMU), where he worked to promote the work of FFMU speakers and reach tens of millions of people with important messages about terrorism and its roots. Keith is a skilled and sought-after public speaker on these topics, and has been responsible for handling millions in funds responsibly.

Keith has achieved significant impact in his work to aid oppressed individuals. He served as Executive Director for ‘Rescue Christians Org’ starting in 2010, and in 2018 he co-founded the ‘Emergency Committee to Save The Persecuted and Enslaved’ with Farrukh Saif. Since then, Keith’s organization has successfully rescued over 37000 individuals from slavery. Keith’s dedication to humanitarian causes and his impressive achievements make him a highly respected and important figure in this field.

Mosheh Ben Avraham is a highly accomplished and charitable individual, with a natural talent for leadership and a dedication to self-improvement. He has a strong record of academic and athletic achievement, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science and competing on their college’s cross country and track and field teams. In addition to their business acumen, Max co-founded the College Republicans and ran a successful moving and storage company before selling his share and starting a web development business. Mosheh and his firm Apex Web Services served as CTO to non-profit 501c3s Farrukh Saif Foundation and ‘Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.’ Mosheh has also served in the military, becoming a combat veteran of three major wars in a prestigious infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. As an Orthodox Jew, Mosheh has a strong belief in God and a high level of discipline. He is known for his generosity, regularly donating a significant portion of his income to charity.