At Heimish Giving, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of IDF soldiers and their families. We proudly partner with to bring you the ‘Shield and Heart’ Initiative – a dual mission of care and strength.


The ‘Shield and Heart’ Initiative is a comprehensive endeavor that goes beyond equipping our brave soldiers on the frontlines. It’s about uplifting the spirits and ensuring the welfare of their families back home.

Prioritizing Resources:

Our mission is driven by a commitment to prioritize the most critical needs first. We provide transparency in our accomplishments and ongoing efforts:

1. For Our Soldiers: Equipping the Brave
– Achievement: We have successfully received initial donations of essential equipment and are currently distributing them to our infantry soldiers. These items are lifelines that ensure their safety and readiness.

2. For Their Families: A Circle of Support
– Progress: We are in the planning stages for this program. Our goal is to provide substantial financial support and stability to families managing farms and small businesses. We actively seek partnerships and funding to kickstart this initiative and make a meaningful impact.

3. Extending Our Reach: Enhanced Weekly Support
– Achievement: Through the Krausz family and our dedicated volunteers, we’ve made significant strides in offering support to soldiers’ families. Our efforts include fundraisers, delivering luxurious Harmoni chocolates and ‘Happy Kits,’ organizing special events like dance classes and kids’ activities, and hosting special dinners – all aimed at enriching the community’s spirit and providing relief to the families.

Your Role in This Mission:

Your donations are the driving force behind the success of this mission. By contributing, you help us allocate resources effectively, ensuring that the most urgent needs are met first while striving to achieve all our goals. Each contribution brings us closer to supporting every soldier and family affected by their service.

Transparency and Accountability:

Transparency in the allocation of funds is paramount. We pledge to prioritize funding according to the needs outlined, with every shekel accounted for. Regular updates and saved receipts will be provided to our donors. We are committed to adapting our efforts continuously to meet the evolving needs of our soldiers and their families.

Join ‘Shield and Heart’:

Together, let’s build a legacy of support and joy. Your involvement sparks a wave of positivity that reaches far beyond what we see. Join ‘Shield and Heart’ in our next chapter of solidarity.

Link to Campaign: ‘Shield and Heart’ Initiative to Empower IDF Soldiers and Their Families | The Chesed Fund

We thank you for your unwavering support in making a difference in the lives of IDF soldiers and their families.