Become a Founding Donor at Heimish Giving

Join us in our mission to provide free validation and certification services for charitable fundraising within the Jewish community. By becoming a Founding Donor, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring integrity, transparency, and support for those most in need.  This opportunity ends at the end of our founding year: December 31, 2023.  The following benefits are for a lifetime:

Tzedakah Platinum Partner

($10,000+ or recurring donations of $1,000/month)
– Prominent logo or name display on our homepage
– Special mention in all major publications and events
– Personalized thank-you letter from our leadership team
– Invitation to exclusive events and webinars
– Recognition in our “Medical/Health” or “Emergency Relief” categories

Chesed Gold Partner

($5,000+ or recurring donations of $500/month)
– Logo or name display on our donor page
– Mention in annual reports and newsletters
– Recognition in our “Life-Cycle” or “Community Development” categories
– Personalized thank-you letter

Community Silver Partner

($1,000+ or recurring donations of $100/month)
– Name listed on our donor page
– Mention in newsletters
– Recognition in our “Job Loss” or “Jewish Education” categories
– Personalized thank-you letter

Heimish Bronze Partner

($500+ or recurring donations of $50/month)
– Name listed on our donor page
– Recognition in a category of your choice
– Personalized thank-you letter

Recurring vs. One-Time Donations

We offer additional benefits for recurring donors, such as a special newsletter or exclusive updates on specific categories like “Medical/Health” or “Emergency Relief.” Your long-term support helps us make a lasting impact in alignment with Orthodox Jewish ethics.

Transparency and Integrity

At Heimish Giving, we value transparency and integrity. We provide detailed information on how donations are used, ensuring tax-deductible benefits and alignment with the categories mentioned on our website.

Community Engagement

Stay connected with our mission through regular updates on our progress and the impact of your contributions within the Jewish community. Join us for community events or webinars designed to engage and inspire.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, maintaining the integrity and transparency that Heimish Giving stands for.

Join Us Today

Become a Founding Donor and make a positive impact on those who are most in need. Your support helps us work towards creating a stronger, more compassionate, and more resilient community.