Heimish Giving Receives Endorsement from Respected Torah Tutor

Heimish Giving Receives Endorsement from Respected Torah Tutor

Per by-laws, we have started a policy of having the organization audited by a reputable individual or party outside of the organization.

We are thrilled to announce that our organization, Heimish Giving, has recently received a letter of recommendation from Rabbi Yehuda Moussadji. Rabbi Moussadji, a respected Torah Tutor in Jerusalem, has personally worked with our founder and CEO Mosheh, and can attest to his integrity and hard work.

In addition to vouching for Mosheh, Rabbi Moussadji has also examined a variety of documents submitted by our organization, including our GuideStar Candid Profile, posted policies, incorporation documents, IRS 501c3 status letter, minutes from our 2022 board meeting, by-laws, and financial records. After reviewing these documents, Rabbi Moussadji has determined that our organization is accountable, well-governed, and transparent in its dealings.

We are honored to receive such a positive endorsement from Rabbi Moussadji and are committed to continuing to operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency. We are also proud to have recently earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid, further demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability.

We thank Rabbi Moussadji for his time and expertise, and we encourage anyone interested in learning more about our organization to visit our GuideStar profile and review the documents examined by Rabbi Moussadji. Thank you for your continued support!

18 Tevet 5783 / January 11, 2023 BS”D

To concerned individuals,

My name is Rabbi Yehuda Moussadji. I was a Gemara Rebbi and am currently a Torah Tutor operating in Jerusalem.

I have worked with Mosheh personally and can vouch that he is a hard-working individual with integrity.

In addition, on behalf of his organization ‘Rescue the Persecuted Inc’ including its 3 divisions, Mosheh has submitted to me for examination the following documents:
• GuideStar Candid Profile
• Posted Policies
• Trade Name (DBA)
• Incorporation Docs
• IRS 501c3 Status Letter
• Minutes from their 2022 Board Meeting
• By-Laws
• A copy of their bank records for 2022
• A copy of their accounting ledger for 2022

To the extent of my ability, everything appears to be in good standings.

While not making any judgment on Halacha, and only vouching for the information that was shared with me, and to the best of my ability: it is of my opinion that their organization is accountable, well governed, and transparent in their dealings.

Disclaimer: I do reserve the right to extend, deny, and revoke this letter at any time.


Rabbi Moussadji


+972 58-669-9832

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