Support the Abrams Family’s Journey to Stability

Support the Abrams Family’s Journey to Stability

I’m Alex, serving as a director at a non-profit dedicated to assisting families in Israel who have found themselves in financial turmoil. Today, I reach out to you with a plea for support for a family close to our heart, the Abrams – Eli and Ruth.

Eli and Ruth Abrams are a devoted couple with two precious young ones. Their financial circumstances, however, have proven to be a monumental hurdle. Eli is employed as a Senior Title Closer while Ruth contributes to the community as a pre-K teacher. Despite their relentless efforts to maintain a steady financial ground, they have unfortunately found themselves in a mounting financial crisis.

This resilient couple is barely keeping up with rent payments, grappling with the expenses for food, and struggling with their children’s medical costs. The future education of their kids is another worrying concern casting a shadow over their lives.

The Abrams are a testament to hard work and sacrifice, doing everything within their means to turn their situation around. Eli’s long working hours and Ruth’s modest teacher’s income, however, are not enough to meet their essential needs.

The stress of their financial constraints is threatening to fracture their family unit, as they teeter on the edge of separation. They are at a loss, unsure of the way forward.

This is where your help can make a real difference. Your financial contribution, no matter how small, can pave the way for the Abrams to regain their footing. Your generosity will enable them to:

– Clear a debt of over $50,000 that has been building up
– Cover rent and utilities
– Purchase food and essential items for their children
– Afford necessary medical care for their kids
– Begin saving for their children’s future education

In these testing times, we understand that everyone may be facing their own challenges. But we urge you to consider donating to the Abrams’ lifeline fund. Each dollar you contribute will lighten their burden and provide them with hope.

To extend your support beyond financial assistance, we’d appreciate if you could share this campaign with your network on social media. Volunteering your time to assist the Abrams with tasks like childcare or transportation is another meaningful way to contribute.

We can make a difference, one small act at a time. Your generosity and kindness are the foundation of our mission. Thank you for considering this request.

Warm Regards,
Alex Tserlin

*Note – image blurred and names changed at the behest of the family. Our Org has two members intimately aware of their predicament and can attest to their situation

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